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Decorating tips to make your apartment feel like home! - Sexton Companies Blog

Decorating tips to make your apartment feel like home!

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Getting into a wonderful apartment is always great. However, it takes a bit more to really feel like your apartment is home. One way that I have found helps, is decorating it to match who you are and your style. Now I know this can sound a bit daunting, especially if its your first home; but I have some tips to help make it a bit easier! And a plus, they are all rental friendly!

  1. Take some time to plan

It can be enticing to get out there and immediately start buying cool items. However, you may find that they don’t go together, or you end up with more clutter than a designed looking area. Before going out, take into account the room design itself. Natural Lighting, room shape, and a color scheme. Color schemes can really help keep the area looking more put together (even if you aren’t great at decoration choices).


  1. If you have a limited budget, focus on the important things!

Not everyone has a lot of money to spend on a ton of decorations, so spending it where it counts is important. The items that make the most difference is Area rugs, Bed linens, and Lighting. A good variety of these will go a long way in the space. It also helps to have a headboard on your bed. A mattress in the middle of the floor usually doesn’t help with a cozy feeling.

  1. Storage Storage Storage!

Look isn’t the only important thing, storage is very important. If you don’t want a ton of random items laying around, it helps to have somewhere to put it all. It can also add a great look to the area if you find the right ones. Such as an ottoman storage system, or a bookshelf. It’s the little things that make such a large difference.

  1. Mirrors are Magic

Mirrors aren’t just for checking how you look. They can really take a space to a new level! They reflect lighting as well as the space, making it look so much larger! They really have a great effect on an area, and can help replace wall art if you don’t want to waste energy on them.

I use these tips to really make my space feel more like my own, and I hope that you can use them yourself! Let me know how they worked for you. I’d love to hear about it.

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