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Our History

Master the Art of Uptown

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Where We Began

The Sexton Companies’ long history as a builder and developer began in 1962 when the Sexton Companies built Fisher Apartments in Speedway, Indiana and rented every apartment in the first weekend of business! Since then, thousands of apartment homes have been built in numerous communities from central Ohio and Indiana to Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.

Where We’ve Been

The Sexton Companies are also responsible for developing two of the largest apartment communities built in Indiana at approximately fourteen hundred apartments each. Our focus has always been to build timeless, well-crafted and designed apartment homes that will transcend building trends in the decades to come.

What We’ve Accomplished

The result has been consistently accepted by our residents thanks to our superior all brick construction and comfortable interiors with modern amenities. It is our wish that you build on your history in a Sexton apartment home.




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