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Declutter tips to make life a bit easier

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Life can get pretty hectic sometimes, and that can often translate to a hectic living space. We often try to declutter our home and make it a place we can truly relax. However, you may be surprised to find out that some of the things you’re doing could be causing you more stress than anything. Let me provide you with some tips to help make decluttering a lot less stressful!

  1. Don’t start with the most overwhelming space.

I know it’s tempting to try and knock out the most cluttered part of your space, but that’s a really daunting task! You can get worn out quickly and run out of motivation to do anything else. You could also find some sentimental things, and get distracted from the real problem at hand. Take on the little sections first, and work your way up to the harder stuff.

  1. “One Shelf Rule”

Designate a space where a specific item type should go. For example, coffee mugs. Pick out a designated area that you want them contained. If you find you don’t have enough room, it may be time to get rid of a couple. You can use this in different ways as well. “Only the books that fit in this box will move with me.” Or “Only the clothes that fit in my closet.”

  1. “I got good use out of it”

It can be hard to get rid of something that you spent a lot of money on, or you used to use a lot. However, if you don’t use it anymore, it just becomes clutter. Remind yourself that you got good use out of it, and it didn’t go to waste. Its okay to get rid of it, there’s no more need for it. If you really feel there are more uses for the item, donate it! Everyone wins! You declutter, and someone else gets to continue the life of the item.

Hopefully these tips helped you. There’s so many more out there, but I find its always best to start off small; and doing these things will make a big difference. Always remember, the little things add up. After all, that’s how the clutter began, why not use that same method to declutter.

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